TV commercials

TV commercials

In Japan, we do not have“Hikaku koukoku”like in the States, which means Japanese

Commercials do not compare and criticize with other companies’ product directly in commercials on TV.

Take MC Hammer.

He is a pop star in the States, he appeared to promote Pepsi in the commercials on TV.

I saw it on CNN, he was not singing and dancing better than he always was, because he had a Coca-Cola before he performed.

His audience realized that he was not in good mood, and one of them recommend to drink Pepsi saying “Hammer”.

After Hammer drunk Pepsi , he could refresh himself and could perform better.

In Japan, we do not have such kind of commercials.

When I talked about that, my teacher Samantha, who came from Canada, she said “Commercials in the States have some regulation, so they might have not described which was which, just they have implied.”

I said to her, “ It might be, but we know brown-colored carbonated drink belong only to two major companies, I mean, only Coca-Cola and Pepsi. ”

Anyway, I was impressed by the style of commercials in the States.

In Japan, they recommend us to compare their new products to old ones of their own companies.

They show us experiments how new products have improved than old ones.

Once you see new products appeared, other companies promote better ones or similar ones.

Some industrial spies might be there.


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Shourui awaremi no rei

The strange law that the Emperor CLAUDIS U founded was similar to the “生類憐れみの令(shourui awaremi no rei)” that the Shogun ( 将軍General) Tsunayoshi (綱吉1646 〜 1709) established in Edo era. 生類(shourui) means animals,憐み (awaremi) means to sorry for,令(rei) means the law.

Tsunayoshi’s Chinese zodiac was the dog, therefore, in this case shourui means the dogs.

As Tsunayoshi didn’t have a boy, the Shogun’s mother was afraid the Shogunate system would disappear. Since only the boys could take over their father’s footsteps as Shogun, they wanted to have a boy enthusiastically. The Shogun’s only son passed away when he was very young.

So she asked the priest Ryukou(隆光) to pray to the Gods to let her son have some boys, however, just praying to the Gods was not enough.

Since the priest was afraid of being blamed if the Shogun was unable to have a son, he said, “As the Shogun was absorbed in hunting the animals in his former life, he is possessed with ill luck of them. He had better protect animals especially the dogs according to his Chinese zodiac, if he would like to get rid of evil spirits”.

Tsunayoshi and his mother believed what the priest had told them, so they decided to make a law for his nation “If you killed the dogs, you will surely be executed”.

This is the reason why he was called “Oinu-sama or Inu Kubou (Lord Dog)” as a contemptuous and notorious Shogun. The first law was introduced in 1685 and eventually became quite extreme.

Tsunayoshi spent a lot of moneyprotecting dogs, for example, building stables for more than 100, 000 dogs, which caused the financial difficulties of the government, and forced the citizens to pay a heavy tax.

The Shogun hated the Prime Minister, Masatoshi Hotta(堀田正俊, ? 〜 1684), because he pointed out Shogun’s faults all the time. In practice, Masatoshi cared about Shogun’s nation, he just wanted Tsunayoshi to be a Shogun’s Shogun.

On the other hand, two vassals who wanted to take over his position were obedient to the Shogun. In terms of Shourui awaremi no rei, these vassals had the same Chinese zodiac with [1]the Shogun, so they took advantage of it.

Therefore, Masatoshi didn’t support Tsunayoshi’s opinion to establish the Shourui awaremi no rei.

He was assassinated.

Note: The Prime Minister ; In this case, he is not the priest. The person who supported the Shogun in politics. They call him “Tairo(大老)”. Some of them had stronger power in politics than the Shoguns).

Translated by K T/ Supervised by S M

St. Valentine was a Christian priest who lived in 270A.D, at that time the Roman government controlled much of the world.

The Roman government needed many soldiers to protect its lands.

The Emperor CLAUDIUS U decided that married men did not make good soldiers because they wanted to stay at home with their wives and children.

He made a very strange law that said young men were not allowed to marry.

He also said that any priest who married a young couple would be put to death.

A priest named Valentine disobeyed the Emperor. He secretly married many young couples. When the Emperor found out, he had Valentine imprisoned.

Valentine was beheaded for his disobedience on Feb. 14.

Since Valentine had helped lovers, the day he died became a day for people to express love for others.

Written by S M



I would like to recommend some Japanese novels.
You can read English versions, but if you study Japanese hard, you should try the Japanese originals.

The sea of Fertility, a cycle of Novels; "Spring Snow”, written by Yukio Mishima Charles E Tuttle Company Tokyo, Japan.
Kimitake Hiraoka was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo in 1925.
While he was in Gakushuuin high school, he appeared as Yukio Mishima and published“Hanazakari no mori (Forests in bloom)" .

He was a very talented young man.
One of his novels, "Kamen no kokuhaku(Confessions of Mask)" , established him as the leading writer in literary world of Japan. He has been the center of current topics for years.

On November 25, 1970, he committed harakiri ( ritual suicide).

"Spring Snow", is the first book and a masterpiece of 4 series .
Three others are "Runaway horses", "The Temple of Dawn" and "5 signs of God's Decay". Kiyaaki Matsugae, the leading role of "Spring Snow", transmigrates three times. His best friend Shigekuni Honda, appears as the story teller throughout the series.
The story takes place in Tokyo in 1912.
The rich provincial families try to replace the ancient aristocracy.

The Count Matsugae, who is one of those families, arranges the engagement between Satoko Ayakura, their friend's daughter and a royal prince. So, Kiyoaki and Satoko suffer from tragic love, like Romeoand Juliet. We would like to recommend some Japanese novels.
You can read English versions, but if you study Japanese hard, you should try the Japanese originals.


The Decoy of the Angel Written by Yukio Mishima.Charles E Tuttle Company Tokyo, Japan.
Kimitake Hiraoka was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo in 1925.

While he was in Gakushuuin high school, he appeared as Yukio Mishima and published “Hanazakari no mori (Forests in bloom)" .
He was a very talented young man.One of his novels, "Kamen no kokuhaku (Confessions of Mask)" , established him as a leading writer in the Japanese literary world.He remains a subject of intense interest despite committing hara-kiri (ritual suicide)on November 25, 1970.
The Decoy of the Angel, the fourth and final novel of The Sea of Fertility, was published in 1973.

Spring Snow, Runaway Horses and The Temple of Dawn also consists of this tetralogy.

The time of The Decoy of the Angel takes place in the late 1960’s.
Shigeaki Honda, the storyteller throughout this tetralogy, the young student of Spring Snow is now 76 years old and wealthy.

He happens to see a sixteen-year-old orphan boy and adopt him.Honda believes that boy (Toru) is the rebirth of Kiyoaki, Isao and Thai Princess. Each character is the leading persona of Spring Snow, Runaway Horses and The Temple of Dawn.


Portraits of 8 families, written by Yasutaka Tsutsui (1934〜) Yasutaka Tsutsui was born in Osaka in 1934.
He majored in literature and graduated from Doushisha University.
Yasutaka wanted to be an actor, but he couldn't.
He studied psychology in his college days.
His first work "Otasuke" was published and admitted by the famous novelist, Ranpo Edogawa.
Most of his works are comedies, plays and science fiction.
He is recognized as one of the most brilliant novelist of our time.

However, one of his works was accused of using discriminative words against handicapped people, even though he didn't discriminate them.
He declared to quit writing for this reason.

"Portraits of 8 families" , is the first book of his 3 book series.
The others are "Nanase comes again" and "Oedipus's lover".

Nanase, the title role of this trilogy, she appears as a young and beautiful girl who has extrasensory perception.

She is afraid of being found and examined by scientists.
Nanase works as house maid, and often moves to different families so no one finds out what she can do.
Nanase visits 8 families and tells what is going on at each house.

For example, at the first episode she sees a housewife who may have E.S.P. as well but that housewife pretends to be a dull woman and she is ignored by her family.

You can see how stupid people are but you maybe scared if somebody read your mind like what Nanase can do.

They are great rivaly, Seisho nagaon and Murasaki Sikibu.
They worked for Emperor Ichijo's wives, Seisho nagaon was the maid for Teishi, Murasaki Sikibu was for shoshi in 11th century at Imperial Court in Japan.
三毛と葉10Jan17.JPG母と子10Jan17 (3).JPG





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