Sauted beef and green pepper (Chinese: Traditional food in Fu Jian)
Measures & Note
1tbsp = 1tablespoon = 3 teaspoons
1cup = 16 tbsp
(per person)
Ingredients ( 4 servings )
Beef 300g Green pepper 50g Oyster Sauce 25g Vegetable oil 100g
Potato starch 20g
A pinch of salt
A pinch of Ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate)

@. Cut beef into 3×3×1p cubes.
Mix potato starch and water in a separate bowl. Cut green peppers into cubes the same size as beef.
Pour potato starch on beef and mix well.
A. Pour vegetable oil into wok and heat. Add beef and fry. Remove beef and throw away extra oil. Stir fry green peppers and add seasoning and beef. Turn heat off.
B. Add oyster sauce and mix well.

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St. Valentine’s Day in Japan 日本のバレンタインデー(英文)

How the Japanese celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps foreigners who live in Japan may find it strange that Japanese celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

Girls may give out either “honmei choko (sweet heart chocolates)” or “giri choko (obligatory chocolates).”

One is for the object of your affection and the other is given out of obligation to find out which is for sweethearts or for co-workers and friends.

About this strange custom in Japan, please see another page of this issue.

Anyway, this blog is my Valentine’s Day card for you!

St. Valentine’s Day in Japan

In Japan, St. Valentine’s Day is quite different from western countries.  We think that it is the day for the couple or the day for “obligation”, but in the States, they think it is the day for the couple and the day for the family. American consider that the married couple is still “lover”, it is very different from Japan.   

If a girl like a boy and she wants to say “ I love you” when they were not dating yet, we think that it is the day she can confess how she loves that boy. Or we think it is the day only the women give chocolates to the boys. Of course they do not have such definition for St. Valentine’s Day in the States.

The origin of St. Valentine’s Day also goes back to the 3rd century. For farmers in Rome , the wolves were their natural enemies because the wolves killed and ate the resources of their “income”, such as cows and sheep. They worshipped the God “ Luperas”, who protected domestic animals from wolves. On Feb. 14th, they held the festival for worshipping Luperas. Then, the influence of the Christianity dominated and was spread throughout Rome , so, the festivals for Luperas were designated as the day for respecting St. Valentine.

In Medieval times, since this season was also the birds were looking for their “spouse”, the custom which made the people think of the factor of the “romance” occurred amongst the people.

In England, giving love letters each other amongst the couple had become in common and traditionally for hundreds years. Then, giving the Valentine’s cards became the symbol of the St. Valentine’s Day. So, it has caused the commercialism.

They say the reason why the custom of St. Valentine was spread because Ester, a daughter of a stationary store in Wister town, Massachusetts , she imported the Valentine’s cards from England in 1830’s, which had already been popular amongst people there. So, Wister Valentine cards became so popular that she earned the record-breaking sales.

They say the custom of St. Valentine’ s Day in Japanhas been spread after Korean War ( 1950).

According to a chronological table of Japanin 1950, the government dissolved the regulation for the price of the sweets. Also some sugar-manufacturing companies such as “Dainippon Seito (sugar-manufacture)”, “ Nisshin seito” were established in 1950. Fuji Seiyu (oil-manufacture) company was also established, so, these companies contributed not only to promote the margarine and chocolates but also sweets industries.

122 sweets companies joined “ Nippon Chocolates Technical AssociateUnion” in 1950. Two of the biggest sweets companies such as Meiji and Morinaga, cooperated with NCTAU and established “ Materials of Chocolates Counter-planning ManagementConference” to promote the import of cacao beans. Because of the Barter Trade between South America and Japan, cacao beans were imported in 1950, it passed for 10 years since the Japanese government had stopped importing them because of the World WarU.

Considering these factors, the rumor, or we should say, “conspiracy of sweets industries” spread out the custom of St. Valentines Day in Japanmaybe true.

The Japanese have enthusiastically imported the custom from western countries, such as Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day even though our society is not based on Christianity. Then, we have changed them into “domestic” version. About St. Valentine’s Day, the Japanese have “Giri choko( obligatory chocolates)” and “White Day”.

Some boys are not given any chocolates from girls. Some of those boy’s mothers feel so sorry that they give chocolates instead of girls. How merciful mothers in Japan are !

News sources: yukinet.com, weekender. co.jp

Translated by K T/ Supervised by S M

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The country I want to visit the most

The country I want to visit the most.


The country I want to visit the most.

S. A. T. U. R. D. A. Y.

It is difficult to remember the spelling of the word Saturday for junior high school students.

However, It was lucky for me that Bay City Rollers was the most popular idol when I was a junior high school student.

I wonder if it was the first encounter for me to know the United Kingdom’s culture.

When I was a high school student, I was knocked down by The Police.

A couple of years ago, I happened to see Sting, former member of The Police, he had an interview on MTV.

I was so disappointed that he was speaking like an American, he repeated the phrase, “You know ,You know ,You know”.

Is he the same person who was singing, “I am an Englishman in New York”?

He is not my cup of tea any more.

I am always attracted by British Independent music. There is no reason, just I like it. .

Because of some British musicians, I learned many English words and I could increase vocabulary.

That is one of the reasons why I want to go to the United Kingdom, especially, in England.


The country I want to visit the most.

“At the west of the house, just beyond the chest nut tree, in the paddock where pony used to be.”

It was the quotation from the movie calls “Haward’s End”.

Vanessa Redgrave, one of the actresses’ actress in England, she was whispering that sentence like a poem in that movie.

James Ivory, who directed the movies such as “A room with a view”,“Maurice” and “Howard’s End”, based on the novels written by E. M. Forster, he always describes how Edwardian ages were even though he is an American.

It seems to me as if he took over David Leans’ works after Lean passed away.

Because Lean also directed the movie based on Forster’s novels such as “A passage to India” .

However, I prefer Ivory’s films to Lean’s “A passage to India”.

“Ryan’s Daughter ”, one of my favorite movie, it was also directed by Lean.

I don’t think “A Passage to India” was as good as “Ryan’s daughter”.

When I saw the academy award on TV a few years ago, Anthony Hopkins got an oscar as a leading role, and I shouted, “Yes, British actors dominated the red carpet three years in a row ”. Before Sir Hopkins, oscars as a leading actor went to Daniel Day Lewis and Jeremy Irons, too.

European films, especially, British ones, always attract me.

That is one of the reasons why I want to visit to England the most.


Japanese food

We Japanese like rice balls, what we call“ onigiri” or “omusubi”.

I don’t know what the origin of omusubi came from exactly. But you can see often Japanese tourists were eating omusubi wrapped by bamboo leaves on Samurai drama while they were taking a rest.

Considering that, our ancestor was familiar to eat omusubi at least from Edo era.

I suppose why they innovated omusubi because it is useful and easy to eat even though the time they were busy. It was just like Lord Sandwich hit upon putting cucumbers or something else between breads when he was playing card in England.

Some foreign people do not like rice balls because of sanitary reason. I guess this is because they know hands make onigiri directly.

You can see unusual stuffed onigiri such as shrimp and mayonnaise at every convenience stores or supermarkets these days. However, I guess most of the Japanese prefer onigiri stuffed just pickled umes and wrapped by seaweed.

Simple is the best.


There are two methods of spinning a top (komaこま),one is Nagegoma, which means to throw the top while standing and pulling on a string which is wrapped around the top; the other is Hikigoma, which means to throw the top while squatting and pulling the string.

Since Sasebogoma began as a fighting game (Kenkagomaけんかごま), somebody has to be the target which means being the first to spin a top, and in case many people want to play the game, it is necessary to decide the order of play.

The game begins with all of the players saying “Ikinagashomon shoukrabe” which means “Which one can spin a top longer ? “, and spins their koma at the same time.

If your top spins the longest, you are called “Tenkaichi” which means “ you can rule the world ” and you can spin your top last giving you an advantage.

The person whose top spins the shortest has to spin their top first and the second shortest is the second.

This is a game in which the person who starts later can knock over the previous players, and this is repeated with each player.

The order of play

To wind a string around the top from the lower side, clockwise and tight.

To throw the top and pull the string at the same time.

The origin of koma (top)

“Koma” was brought to Japan from China during the Heian era (794-1185) . It was called “Karagoma (Chinese top)”. Only people in high society played with Karagoma.

Soon after “Ryuko” was brought to Japan, it was used for Shinto and Buddhist ceremonies. By the end of the 14th century, “Baigoma” had spread all over Japan. By the end of the 17th century, the top had many different varieties was also used for gambling .

Hakatagoma was popular among ordinary people. It was so expensive that they could hardly ever afford it. So, the tops which had iron head , were wrapped around a wooden stand were invented. They became cheaper and both children and adults all around Japan started playing with them, because the tops became a popular gambling game.

The government prohibited people to play with them in the 18th century. Yet the stricter the government became, the more popular it was amongst the people.

Supervised by S M, P Sl and D W

News sources; Kyodo Kenkyu

三毛と水仙10Jan17 (2).JPG母と子10Jan17 (3).JPG

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THE MOVIE TITANICというタイトルで以前英文を書いていた。


The scene was changed all of a sudden after somebody shouted “Iceberg hits upon”.

People were in panic, they were running like a chicken its head cut off.

Before that, the story was a little bit cheesy. Imean, a girl who belonged to the upper class fell in love with the boy who belonged to the working class.

Every time I saw the movie that it described the western society early 20th century, it told a sense of value had changed.

As Peerage were about to lose their property, they tried to maintain their dignity to be supported by “New Money”.

Since some people in working class made a big success, they were about to take place of peerage.

Rose, the title role of Titanic, she was forced to have marriage of convenience.

She looked reluctant to be with her fiancé.

Because he was acting like a star lights up the screen and Rose’s life.

The only thing he could do was just playing himself(he was born as a brilliant star by nature), even though he wants to be an actor’s actor.

After Iceberg hit upon Titanic, the atmosphere of that movie was changed.

I wonder if Cameron really wanted to describe the last half part of that movie, I mean, he is a director of the movie calls “Alien” and “Terminator”.

Kate Winslet looked like Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton at the last part of that movie.

I was impressed that she said “Excuse me”, when she bumped into somebody even though she was in panic. And she said “Hello”, when she wanted somebody to help her and Jack, she looked very polite, it was so funny.

“Titanic part 2” might have made someday, according to the Internet.

Rose would be a nurse and Jack did not pass away and lost his memory.

A boy meets a girl again.

When I referred to that, my former teacher P said,“No way”.

Feline in NPark10Jan07 (12).JPGFeline in NPark10Jan07 (11).JPGFeline in NPark10Jan07 (10).JPGFeline in NPark10Jan07 (9).JPGFeline in NPark10Jan07 (8).JPG

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